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These colorful and fashionable masks are made from authentic chitenje fabric from Malawi. The fabric ties accent the masks lined with an unscented dryer sheet for an additional filter.


A portion of sales will benefit the COVID-19 response efforts to Texas Children’s Global Health programs in Africa, Latin America and Romania.

“Houston”, 2014

Vernon Caldera, "Houston", 2014, Succulents, bathtub
Vernon Caldera, “Houston”, 2014, succulents, bathtub

I created “Houston”, 2014, for High Fashion Home.

My goal as an artist is to make the ordinary extraordinary: the language of nature.

As a writer starts with letters to make words which develop into sentences to ultimately create a poem, I bring cacti and succulents to make visual poetry.

A traditional artist chooses a canvas, I choose vessels. An artist chooses colors from paints, I choose leaves from varying species. As an artist creates a composition, I create galaxies where plants are the citizens of each world.

By creating these tiny worlds, I am asking the viewer to take a look at something they see everyday and see it for the extraordinary thing it is: the language of nature, the way in which nature repeats patterns.

I have created several series each consisting of about 20 to 25 terrariums. These series include:

Autobiographical cities: New York, Managua, Houston
Mythical cities: Atlantis
Emotions: Romantic love, filial love, jealousy
Unions: twins, marriage, single