Category: Paintings

  • “Cicatrices”


    40×30”Acrylic on canvas2023 I have been working on a landscape series exploring terrains that look alien. This painting was inspired by Table Mountain in South Africa where it’s unique location has created a world unlike any other. From having its own fog-created tablecloth to lichen that flowers, it’s like you are in another world.

  • “Venus as a Boy”

    “Venus as a Boy”

    30x24x2”Oil and Acrylic on canvas2023 A few years back, I was able to see Gustav Klimt’s Death and Life at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna. I was attracted to the colors and style and wanted to give them a plant/alien twist. I also wanted to use a metallic gold paint I recently purchased. I like…

  • “Octogarden”


    16×16”Acrylic on canvas2023 In 2018, I began drawing a shape library using my backyard as inspiration. After spending a couple of years learning to paint, I had the skills to turn the drawings into paintings. I am calling them the circle series and Octogarden is the first one completed.

  • “El sacrificio”

    “El sacrificio”

    Acrylic on canvas202336×48” I have always been fascinated by the true story of the baptism of the Volcán Masaya in 1529 as well as the stories of its sacrificial use throughout history. Friar Francisco de Bobadilla was convinced he had found the entrance to hell and was given permission by the pope to place a…

  • “Amarrado”


    The third painting of my San Sebastián series combines Giovanni Bazzi’s 1525 painting The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian with an image of my grandmother’s house. He was the patron Saint of Diriamba, Nicaragua and I was forced to pray the gay away to this image. Ironically, the painter was known as Il Sodoma. It did…

  • “La procesión de lava”

    “La procesión de lava”

    Again I combine images of my grandmother’s house with the town’s patron, Saint Sebastian, this time adding lava.