In 2007, Vernon launched Left Brain Right Brain Design.  He began by designing web sites, marketing collateral and branding for businesses in the creative industry including Wade Wilson Art, Rottet Studio and individual artists such as McKay Otto, Mark Flood and more.

In 2008, inspired by the economic downturn in the country, Vernon launched the tongue-in-cheek Keep Houston Rich.  As his love letter to the city he grew up in, Vernon curated videos that highlight the diversity of Houstonians.  In 2011, the site won an inaugural Houston Press Web Award for Best Use of Video.

He also followed his passion for interior design by writing articles about his life at Isabella Court, being a finalist on Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool Places Contest two years in a row and working on private homes.

In 2009 while working on a residential project, he got the idea to create miniature gardens for inside the home. Marrying Asian concepts of gardening with Western pop culture of the 70s and adding his Central American roots, he came up with the idea of creating Bonsai Terrariums which he named individually.  In 2010, he showed his terrariums in the Texas Co-Op at Lawndale Art Center’s Design Fair.

Interiors, staging, graphics and more.