Category: Paintings

  • “El santo de Diriamba”

    “El santo de Diriamba”

    I combine images from my grandmother’s house and the patron saint of Diriamba, San Sebastian.

  • “El hombre mariposa”

    “El hombre mariposa”

    or “Inside the Terrarium”Oil on canvas30×24” I have been wanting to do a painting from the point of view inside Vernon’s terrariums . El hombre mariposa also plays with nature repeating patterns both physically and metaphorically. He flies through nature in his anthropomorphic world.

  • “Recuerdos de Nicaragua”

    “Recuerdos de Nicaragua”

    Recuerdos de Nicaragua, features images Vernon took while visiting family in Nicaragua. These are set against lava filled volcanoes represented by the triangular shaped marbled paper in psychedelic colors. Plants and animal illustrations, also from volcanic regions, fill in the collage.  Vernon remembers vividly the sounds made by garrobos in Nicaragua and the animals form…

  • “Juego de pelota”

    “Juego de pelota”

    36×48”Acrylic on canvas2022 Growing up in Nicaragua, I was told the story of the corn deity. The deity created a set of twins who played the juego de pelota to take control of the universe. Neither one won and so one became the sun, the other the moon. They created the animals to help them…

  • “Papa Merlyn”

    “Papa Merlyn”

    24×18”Acrylic on canvas2022 I wanted to make a painting for pride so I went out searching for one of the most famous celebrities in Houston’s Montrose: Papa Merlyn. With some #luck , when I found him, he was already dressed for pride!

  • “Recuerdos de Andalucía”

    “Recuerdos de Andalucía”

    Taking a look back at my younger self in Andalucia.